Although being a web designer/developer is not the dream business that most people think about, you sure do get the opportunity to speak with some of the coolest people around the world. You may have read in another one of my articles that I had the opportunity to work on the 90 Day App Challenge project, which had nothing to with me, except that I had the opportunity to build the landing website for the launch of that startup. And I feel fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to see these projects “from the inside” and make connections that I otherwise would have never made. And although geographical location is not a big factor in communication these days, my living in Phoenix, Arizona has brought me closer to talented entrepreneurs on the West Coast – I’m totally stoked to be working with such a cool group of people making a difference!

One of the newest relationships I’ve developed is with a guy named Cory Glazier from San Diego, CA. He’s a guy with big vision for changing the world and he’s doing it through his organization called Although the company will be a for-profit organization, I believe it’s going to bring a new mindset to the entire non-profit industry and it’s approach to ending the biggest crisis on earth – severe poverty.

Changing The Mindset Of The Fight Against Poverty

When I first was introduced to, I didn’t quite understand what their objective was (which in-part is why I’m being hired), but I quickly learned that their philosophy on poverty is a much different mindset compared to the traditional non-profit organization that takes donations. Cory believes that there is a flaw in the non-profit system and their approach to fighting poverty, and he truly believes that there’s a better way to solve the ineffective methods of the past. I won’t go into the exact details because I’m not yet qualified to discuss their exact mission, but I am providing some information below from their website that explains the issue at hand. Cory describes the way that the non-profit industry has approached poverty and how industry might even create more of a problem:

Development Attempts can be seen as representing one of two schools of thought:

1. Providing “Things & Stuff” that we assume will solve problems and meet the needs of people.

2. Empowering People to acquire the things and stuff they need to take their futures into their own hands.

Let’s call #1 the “Traditional Development Model” and #2 “Human-Centered Participatory Development.” In order to engage in the first type, you have to be able to write a check or swipe a card resulting in some type of transaction.

In order to engage with the second type, one would need to learn and be trained about the best ways to work with a community in order to support them in sustainable societal development.

Which method do you believe is more effective?

Cory believes that method #2 is much more effective because there’s an aspect of accountability. How many organizations do you know of that are wanting to bring accountability to the crisis of poverty? Not many I’m guessing.

I like to think of their organization as “teaching a man to fish, and feeding him forever”. Think about it – poverty is more extreme now than ever – despite the fact that there have always been welfare programs and non-profit companies in place to fight poverty. When I viewed it this way I became extremely excited about the organization. And in the near future, you will have the opportunity to get involved too – it will be a global collaborative effort to fight poverty in a way that is more effective, and more refreshing.

Marina At Ending Poverty Together

I’m looking forward to working more with Cory and his team at Ending Poverty Togther. I’ll be posting more about the project as we work together to bring the cause into reality. I will be helping to build the website and offer some solutions as to website layout and content for the site.

Please visit the website at to learn more.

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