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Our market is determined by the decision-making process of the business.  We enjoy working with businesses and service professionals who take their business seriously and have the power to make their own decisions, but do not yet have a large amount of capital.  Therefore, the target market we find ourselves to be most effective within is typically businesses with revenues between $100k and $1 million, and non-profit organizations.

Businesses and organizations that are in this range of revenues are growing in strength, but still have limited budgets, and need assurance that any dollar invested in web design and online marketing is going to be leveraged as highly as possible into new customers and new revenue. Businesses in this range also have an owner that still has the “final say” on any major purchasing decisions.  And the way we have built our system, is in a manner that business owners like us, would like to buy – one that is customized, flexible, educational, and very effective.

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