You never know where life takes you…especially in the course of business.

About a year ago I would have told you that I need to get back on my feet after holding up a struggling real estate business. And of course this still holds true – it will take time to recover from the newbie decisions I made with my real estate business.

But in the midst of my recovery, I knew that I could have more out of life despite the hardships with my business. So working as a committed freelance web designer and developer, I recently became involved in an opportunity that I never thought would have happened – and I didn’t even know about it as I was taking this opportunity.

It was the 90 Day App Challenge, a concept that involves the collective effort of the Mobile App Developement world. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to help build the launch website for this concept – led by entrepreneurs James Sol Radina and Amish Shah, both top guns in the field of coaching and Internet marketing – and both who believe in giving back to the world what it has given them….plus more.

90 Day App Challenge

The 90 Day App Challenge is a program that James and Amish co-created to take entrepreneurs and app developers along the journey of creating their first mobile app. When the participants graduate, they will have a percentage of revenue share in all the other apps in that group, thus giving them their own App Network!

Unlike many consulting or development programs, The 90 Day App Challenge is a two-way partnership. James and Amish will be investing time and resources into each participant. And in return, they will expect participants to invest their time and resources to the program… because James and Amish will be collaborating with 17 other qualified developers. Although other incubator programs exist today – they really do not support in the collaboration of the participants. That will not be the case here.

About James Sol Radina and Amish Shah

I was fortunate enough to contribute to this project through my working relationship with James. We met through, an online community that connects business owners with independent contractors. I began working with James’ on his smaller projects and I think I helped him to focus on his most important priorities, which I’m sure he appreciated. And he must of liked my work because he kept me coming back for more after each project was completed successfully.

James is a product launch guru in the western California market, and is currently the V.P. Of Marketing for the John Maxwell Team. He has successfully launched products for other top speakers of the world including Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Bob Burg, and others.

Here’s more info about Amish and James below…

Amish Shah

Amish ShahAlthough Amish Shah is an expert in many areas, he is best described as a savvy new-age serial entrepreneur. Amish is a visionary and a futurist with many of his ideas and concepts being larger than life. Amish is best known for developing automated tools and software as well as his impressive traffic strategies.

In just 4 years from his original start with affiliate marketing (in 2003), Amish had run thousands of different advertising campaigns in more than 100 different markets. He had tested his campaigns against over 50 different traffic sources and was able to clock in over 105 Billion (yes, ‘billion’) impressions in the process. In those 4 years, Amish managed to bring in $110 million dollars in sales for the advertisers.

Amish eventually went on to build a great marketing campaign tracking and management tool called Hexatrack (now called MB-X).

In 2008, Amish decided to host a seminar teaching marketing tactics. After the great success with first seminar, Amish launched the Magic Bullet System twice. This sytem taught clients how to build successful marketing businesses from start to finish. The software and training was a revolution to the marketing world. These software “launches” brought in over $8 million dollars in sales in 14 days combined.

In 2010, after a great year for DigiSpace, Amish’s company was named the 60th fastest-growing advertising and marketing company in the United States as well as the 10th fastest growing in San Diego, CA by INC Magazine. This success has made Amish a very sought after consultant to high-end clients and businesses.

In 2011, DigiSpace was acquired by Bitzio Inc where he served as the Chief Product Officer and Board Director.

Amish now focuses on his personal interests/blog, high level consulting, and innovative training systems and learning technology. All within the mobile and web world we live in.

Beyond his business, Amish Shah has devoted his life to helping others achieve personal greatness and accomplishments as well through many of his courses, volunteer work and his new non-profit organization which focuses on researching ancient civilizations and locations.

James Sol Radina

James RadinaJames SOL Radina has grown up following the greatest and latest trends in technology when it comes to marketing online and through mobile apps. His newest project has been running a beta version of The 90 Day App Challenge. He is currently running an App Incubator Program with a select few entrepreneurs and finding success beyond original expectations. As Lead Mentor James will be available to the participants on a daily basis. James is a specialist when it comes to taking an idea and going through the process to turn it into an actual working mobile app. Having gone through the app development process many times, James is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise along with what he has learned along the way that did not work.

James is also founder of SOL Marketing SOLutions, an Online Product Launch Management & Marketing Firm. James has supported hundreds of business owners through his online consulting services, where he specializes in online product launches. James has found a niche in working with and supporting some of the top thought leaders in the world, including Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell, Les Brown, Jonathan Budd, Jim Bunch, Lisa Sasevich, Paul Martinelli, and more. In the last 12 months James has been responsible to managing two launches that have now totaled over $8.5 Million in sales.

Most importantly…

James is all about social responsibility and giving back…leading by example…volunteering his extra time to charities…and being the change he wishes to see in the world. James’ recent charitable activities include his work as a Make-A-Wish volunteer; Young Professionals 3c Committee Founding Member; Wish Granter; Make-A-Wish San Diego Chapter Volunteer of the Month September 2008, Amazing Wish Kid Airport Greeter; three-season Mentor for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation; unofficial Big Brother for eight-year-old with life threatening illness; co-founder of S.P.I.N. San Diego (Spreading Philanthropy Into Networking); Marketing Director to a local charity Jeans 4 Justice (a non profit providing education, awareness and prevention of sexual assault/ violence); and co-founder of a change organization called SEVEN (a new tribe bringing together leaders in San Diego who are into personal development/self growth and giving back). In one of his latest projects he is starting a new Social Business that will be training leaders on how to be Community Development Workers in foreign countries (think Voluntourism but with training on how to be effective volunteer on the ground):

It’s Here!

The 90 Day App Challenge is now up and accepting applications. If you’re an app developer and looking for an opportunity to collaborate with some of the top app developers of the world, please sign up and register for the webinars.

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