In this video I take some time to discuss some of the practical aspects of using Google Keyword Tools. If you haven’t had the chance to use the tool, it is a great way to target keywords for any situation, whether you’re writing blog articles or optimizing a website for one of your clients.

How Google Keyword Tools Works

By no means am I an expert on using Google Keyword Tools, although I’m confident that I achieve the results that I’m looking for when using it. In most cases I need to optimize keyword phrases for my clients’ websites, where my goal is simply to find two or three strong key phrases to use in my SEO strategy. In other cases, I use it to target keywords in blog articles.

Whatever your reason is for using the tool, here are some useful, practical things that the Keyword Tool can do for you:

  • You can type in any phrase of your choice, and Google will tell you whether or not it’s a recognized search.
  • If it’s a recognized search, Google can tell you how many people in the world are searching for your keyword on a monthly basis, and also how many are searching at a local level.
  • You can learn whether the competition for your keyword is low, medium or high.
  • You can type in your website address and Google will return all of the relevant key phrases that are related to your website.
  • You are able to search keywords by Category, which allows you to find the most relevant keywords for a particular niche that you might want to target.
  • Best of all you can combine these search methods in order to filter keyword results in different ways.

In this video I not only show you how to use the tool, but I go through a real-life step-by-step example that explains my thought process while searching for a key phrase. You will see during the video that I take the time to thoroughly explain each step of my process, which should help you understand why I’m going through a particular step and making certain decisions. Near the end of the video, I discuss all of my findings and give you my thought about how I would use our returned keywords in a real-life situation.

Best of luck – and thank you for watching! Please leave any comments or questions you have regarding the video.

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