Our Story

Rob Myrick

Studio 88’s roots don’t trace back very far, although it has been here all along.  Our existence was like cooking the perfect food – although you are always adding ingredients, you spend lots of time mixing the ingredients to make it taste just right!  In other words, I’ve started other small companies in the past, and after surrendering to businesses that didn’t fit my most unique skills, I finally found my strong passion to work with small businesses in managing their online presence.  I wouldn’t want it any other way!


Why We’re Here

The past several years has shown a shift away from bricks-and-mortar businesses, to an exponential growth in the services industry.  As a result, there is extreme demand for businesses to establish or improve their presence online. But I’ve noticed a hole in the quality being provided to businesses and service professionals, in terms of truly listening to what they need or want.  Many companies are designing websites that fit the mold, but the brand image being sent might be way off. That being said, Studio 88 has found a competitive place in the design community by focusing on communication with our clients, and designing websites that effectively communicate their products or services.

Studio 88 has now been in action for about 6 months, and the work is coming in fast!  The word is getting around that we understand what our clients needs, and we deliver it to them with communication at the center of our relationships.

Contact Info

Address: St. Louis, MO

Email: rmyrick@studio88design.com

Phone: 314.435.1578

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