Pain Center of Jamaica

Pain Free Jamaica was a fun project. It’s a very simple HTML website we created for a reputable doctor in Jamaica. The website was a success, in my opinion, because of the variety of features the site offers to the viewer.

The site features a basic services section on the “Services” page, although we chose to highlight some specific services that lure the reader into learning more about the causes of their pain symptoms. This was not my idea, but I was able to make it become a reality on this site because the idea fit very well.

In addition, we placed “Did You Know” sections throughout the website that lures the viewer into learning more about a particular ailment of the body. It’s hard not to read it because it’s a very short blurb, which makes it successful in catching the viewer’s attention.

Furthermore, we came up with a content-rich testimonials page, which I thought would be extremely difficult to fill space, but the doctor had so many great pieces of content that putting it together as a whole turned out fantastic.

I also worked hard on the contact us page, making sure that both the “success” and “error” pages for submitting form information was customer-friendly, as most forms are not very friendly, nor do they look nice visually.

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