The GK Law Firm

The GK Law Firm website is a simple HTML website with simplicity as the main goal of the project. Simplicity, in this case, was challenging because the template we started with was too plain and contained too much space around the content. So I had to come up with the most effective ideas that would not only be marketable, but would also fill-in the space where we needed it. Finally, by accident, the large-size phone number at the top worked perfectly in terms of filling-in space and being extremely effective to the site as a whole.

Another challenge of this site was the large banner. Originally, the large banner was on all pages, but it was difficult to see the transition from page to page. So with that in mind, I made it a priority to make the site as compact as possible without hurting the originality of the template. On the homepage, we kept the large banner and used a smaller banner image for the services pages. The pages then became easy to view without having to scroll, and the client was happy.

I consider this one of my favorite projects in terms of organization and layout.

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