More than just a website

Brand Control

Studio 88 believes in a complete project.  That means we design a completely functional website that has been tested, and we customize the back-end of your website so that YOU have full control.

Traditional, fully-planned and professional websites from a reputable company can cost $5,000.  And when you want to update or change something, you have to find a low-cost contractor to make small changes, and then wait a week until someone “gets around to it.”

So take control of your website!  Now, you can have a completely customized, professional looking web site with e-mail and blogging capability for under $500.  As your site is being built, we work with you to map out the online strategy that best fits your business, and the unique message you want to communicate.  Websites are no longer online business brochures but integrated customer portals where clients and businesses interact with one another.  Our clients’ websites are built to achieve your specific business goals.

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